Adventure of the Missing Manuscript – Royal Shakespeare Company

RSC propstore

Our magical and magnificent exhibition at¬†The Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon has now finished having ‘gone down a storm’ with audiences from all over the world. This interactive children’s adventure and¬†Shakespeare’s Mind¬†exhibition was commissioned as part of the extraordinary¬†World Shakespeare Festival¬†that celebrated shakespeare in every language and in every possible guise. Our contribution included a Story Generating Machine that can help you create your own stories through a series of fruitmachine barrels, character cogs, genre dials and plot wheels. This machine included glimpses into the inside of¬†Shakespeares Mind, a working periscope and was great fun to explore. Other features of the exhibition was¬†Prosperos Alchemical Laboratory¬†where you could test for emotion with litmus paper, follow stories through marble runs and fish for ideas.¬†The Prop Store¬†was full of fantastical objects and props from shakespeares plays including a full sized armoured horse costume, a giant bear, manicles, goblets, secret books, skulls, lanterns and much much more.¬†The Costume Wardrobe¬†was stuffed full of exquisite costumes to try on from full Elizabeth court doublet and hose (complete with ruffs and crowns) to peasants garb and jesters outfits.