The House of Fairy Tales is a national children’s arts charity that exists to engage with young people of all ages from any socio economic or cultural background and any religion. Central to the House of Fairy Tales is the belief that providing imaginative spaces to learn and play is not just about creating happy children but happy families, healthier communities and a thriving society too.

It is more urgent than ever that we give a voice to the youngest generation to remind and demand parents, teachers, politicians and corporate leaders to embrace the transition to a safer, cleaner, more equal and stable world.

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If through the wisdom of our children we can wake up to this jeopardy we will have time to make the changes necessary on a corporate, national as well as personal level.

As the privileged, wealthiest percentage of the world’s population we have to take the lead in using our dwindling resources wisely and meaningfully.


The House of Fairy Tales is a place to imagine new narratives as we enable a space for re-invention and inspire enjoyment of a sustainable life on earth.


We have over 700 creative minds and talented people in our network and a track record of events of all sizes. As a charity we are perfectly positioned to make a constructive contribution to the transition to a more sustainable and responsible human world.