Media Planet at Leeds Castle

We welcomed 1200 Brownies into the grounds of Leeds Castle in Kent where our travelling arts circus and media planet landed to celebrate the 100th Brownie Birthday!


The Brownies were recruited as rambling reporters and were handed out blank scrolls and dispatched inspiration for stories whilst singing songs and experiencing new games.


The land was filled with bright budding reporters who investigated the nature and land to inspire them to create stories, plays, games, maps and songs.


The Brownies stories were brought to the Living Wall where the latest and greatest headlines for The HoFT Examiner were written, inked, painted and screamed before going to press online.


The troupes followed their flag to the next adventure….





To the Media Planet Studios! Where giant satellites ears heard and giant transmitter noses sniffed the ultimate show-stoppers and news breakers on this planet.


The House of Fairy Tales presented the marvellous Brownies Show-Stoppers! From dances to presentations, from songs to poems, plays to interviews and more…


An exciting show for all to see…



Deep in the woods secrets were revealed of the Wood Wide Web… like something you may have heard of but could never have imagined…


Thanks to the Brownie Girl Guides and Leeds Castle for inviting us to play on this celebration 100th birthday of Brownies. Huge thanks to our artists and volunteers who rambled and roved as rambling reporters from the Media Planet do in the hot sunshine. Photography by Ben Zeng, Ammy Phull, and Helena Rostunova.