The Clockwork Garden at The Bowes Museum

The Bowes Museum, County Durham
28th July – 5th November 2017


This Summer the gardens of Quarry Bank Mill are set to become the centre of an adventure of inter-galactic proportions. Drifting down from somewhere far out in the black of space, helped by the children of Styal and Crossacres primary schools, a strange metal seed will settle into the exhibition space and unfurl into a beautiful interactive Clockwork Garden Exhibition. It needs to learn the secrets that make our human gardens so full of life and joy and beauty and to take them back to its own planet which has no gardens of its own. But will the ominous Orange Moon and its shadowy Mechanical Grizzlies find the seed before it is ready to return?



Only you can hold them at bay and fill the seed with enough wonder and joy to send it safely back into space…