The Egg of the Giant Ogulon

On Easter Weekend a phenomenal occurrence took place at the very special grounds of Hauser & Wirth in Somerset. A rare sighting of a Ogulon Egg was discovered emerging from under the Radic Pavillion and at once The House of Fairy Tales Egg Edifiers hurried to the scene to help the egg hatch safely. It could only do so with the help of trainee Egg Edifiers gifting the egg with dreams of the future, wrapping their happiest thoughts in a cocoon of joy and singing best wishes for the Ogulons future life in the universe.



The trainee Egg Edifiers entered the Research Station and learnt all about the life cycle of the Ogulon with Dr Harriet Fink and her team of Research Egg Edifiers.



Activities from ph soil testing to investigating the life inside a pond water sample helped bring the Egg Edifiers closer to learning about the Ogulon and why it was here at Hauser and Wirth.




As the Egg Edifiers made their way through the galleries casting spells and weaving their nest they encountered the Singing Edifier who helped them bring music to the garden and wake up the plants and seeds growing amongst the Ogulon Egg.


The Edifiers sang until they reached the radic pavillion and followed the path to lead them inside.






The Egg was resting under the Radic Pavillion with Edifiers sculpting dreams and their favourite things on earth to gift to the Ogulon Egg.


Inside the Radic Pavillion the Egg Edifiers delicately shared their happiest memories to wrap around the colourful Cocoon of Joy.


Then the final mission for the Egg Edifiers was to sculpt their dreams on the outer clay shell of the Ogulon Egg. The sculpture was carefully considered by Chief Egg Edifier as The Ogulon needed the most precious dreams to live off in the universe. Nature and wildlife inspired shapes and patterns were created all in mind of making one shared dream for the Ogulon.

CLay Egg


The Ogulon Egg was helped by over 400 families over the weekend and successfully hatched thanks to the creative minds and imaginations of all the Egg Edifiers. More stories can be found of the Ogulon on The HoFT Examiner by searching Ogulon Egg Edition.