The Fforest Gather

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The House of Fairy Tales has detected a strange energy field at Fforest that will reach its zenith in August at Fforest Gather. Artists create free thinking space wherever they meet but this is something more. There is a universal anomaly opening up – a door to Liminalia, the no-man’s land between countries. The space where only nature travels free and where all our earth bound politics is left behind. 



This summer we will be breaking through to this magical land. We predict the Nation States Border Control will be trying to close the border but access to this whimsical world without violence, tribal politics or cruelty will be protected by our Fairy Tales Resistance. Only those who are young at heart and full of gentleness, good will, rigour of thought and shrewdness of gaze will be allowed to slip through the secret tunnel.

Join us to explore the mysteries of nature through storytelling, puppetry and art during a sublime week of sunsets, campfires and foraging for ideas



With artists Stephen Whitehead, Oliver Wallace, Chloe Ruthvin, Giles Abbott, Claudia Boulton, Gavin Turk, Twydall Crumblepatch