The Great Spring Conbobulator

The Great Spring-y Combobulator

Hauser & Wirth Somerset

14th & 15th April 2017  


A brand new adventure that will lead visitors on surreal, befuddling and brilliant flights of imagination about the Earths most buoyant and mysterious season as you help the Swevenaughts – Dream Recyclers – save their far away home.

Rumbling up from underground this spring are the Swevenaughts – dream recyclers. They travel far and wide to find leftover bits of dreams so that they can feed them into their amaz­ing machine: the Oneiric Re-combombulator, and use them to build their faraway, under­ground Dreaming City… but something is going wrong – the dream seasons are getting all muddled up. They only have two days to fill their machine with dreams of spring, and save the Dreaming City! Carefully tuned radars and introspectrosopes tell them that this is just the right place to come. But dreams are tricky things and spring dreams, doubly so – they are going to need help!