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The Make-it-Market at Winterville: See All Artists

See below for the weird and wonderful workshops taking place at Make-It-Market throughout December

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  • Matilde Pine

    Matilde Pine our youthful Folk Singer

    Matilde Pine

    Join our very own magical maiden Matilde Pine for an afternoon of Ukelele and her home spun folk songs with tales of family and love.

  • New North Press

    Artisan Letterpress print studio New North Press

    New North Press

    Established in 1986, New North Press is an artisan letterpress print studio … Catherine Dixon, Gabriel Gbadamosi, Stevey Scullion, Beatrice Bless, OPX Design and others

  • Ian Dawson

    Ian Dawson’s Print Shop

    Ian Dawson

    The House of Fairy Tales resident philosopher physicist Ian Dawson will be setting up a print shop in the Make-It-Market teaching children to make simple screenprints.

  • Okido Magazine

    OKIDO – the science and art magazine for children

    Okido Magazine

    Our favourite children’s arts and science magazine will be coming to play with us on the 13th of December

  • Adam Walker

    Adam Walker – Print Machine Block Printing

    Adam Walker

    Part of the new generation of sustainable concepts on a bike, Adam and his team from Hackney Wick bring a Heath Robinsonesque portable screen printing to the Make It Market

  • Saturday Market Project

    Saturday Market Project for the Maker Community

    Saturday Market Project

    This is our favourite online shop full of ingenious making kits to inspire even the most fumble fingered. Whether you want to make your own whistle out of antler, buy some Sugru or find a place to laser cut or wood-carve this is your one stop shop

  • Craftivism

    A spoonful of craft helps the activism go down


    Sarah Corbett and her team are Active Crafters, or perhaps Crafty Activists spreading message of change through needlework and leaving powerful images in the public space. Part of the growing network of textile graffiti-ists leaving their hand-crafted work to charm the hardest of hearts

  • Robin Clyfan

    Robin is one half of our favourite bird duo Robin and Partridge.

    Robin Clyfan

    Our resident peacock well Robin will be visiting the Make It Market over the month to take children on flights of the imagination through time and space and all 15 dimensions.

  • Digital Mum

    Digital Mum and Bare Conductive

    Digital Mum

    Digital Mum has come from Devon to bring us some Bare Conductive electronic kits to play with. These are a fantastic way of learning how to create simple circuits while making and customising cards and little models

  • A Secret Club

    A Secret Club and the Antlers

    A Secret Club

    Our favourite partners in play, A Secret Club have travelled through time and space and all 15 dimensions and have landed in Denmark. Annabelle and Kenn create games and stories in 3dimensions with beautiful illustrative storytelling.

  • Sebastian Harding

    Paper cities with Sebastian Harding

    Sebastian Harding

    genius film-maker, modal maker and illustrator Sebastian Harding can make miniature cities out of paper.

  • Simon Warner

    Simon is the gentleman of light

    Simon Warner

    Simon is the gentleman of light, optics, the camera lens and the silhouette. There is not a lot he doesn’t know about the way we see.

  • Tim Maynard

    Tim carries his Living Classroom all around the country

    Tim Maynard

    Tim carries his Living Classroom all around the country teaching the love of reptiles, arachnid, amphibians and insects. He is an encyclopaedia of knowledge from a lifetime of living and studying his fantastic creatures: Find out what kind of creatures are Marty and Josie, Rosie, Monty, Cornflake, Myrtle and Millicent, Brian and Brenda, Petal, Lumpy and Bumpy and many more…


    Nick Corston and STEAMCo


    Nick Corston and his family are on a mission to put science, art and play back into schools. Find out more and blow up rockets with him and his boys

  • Petit Prance

    Petit Prance and the Story-Typing Machine

    Petit Prance

    Otherwise known as Luke Winter – the Petit Prance’s fingers tap across the keyboard as the soundtrack to the Make It Market – telling fantastical stories with only a rumour to go on.

    Luke writes instant stories for you on a typewriter on any subject that you can give him. His sign says “no subject too small, or gargantuan” and we’ve heard that he’s begun a sideline writing love letters and poems too.

  • The Curiovan

    The Curiovan is the brainchild of Conrad White, and Harriet Fink

    The Curiovan

    Curiouser and curiouser, as Alice said on happening upon Wonderland – it’s the same feeling that Curiovan curators Conrad and Harriet hope to evoke in visitors to this Explorium of Natural Wonderment.

    Skeleton fairies battle an army of wasps, reanimated roadkill dance on an old gramophone, tin birds tweet at the crank of a handle and clockwork ladybirds skitter across glass – enter the curiously captivating world of the Curiovan.

    While the 1922 wooden caravan with quaint leaded windows looks like a cosy retreat where one might enjoy a leisurely cup of tea next to a piping hot stove, it is actually a miniature museum packed with fantastical exhibits to delight, challenge and entertain.

    There are rocks that hide glittering crystal interiors, pickled beasts in bell jars, spiders captured in resin, ancient fossils, automatons that spring to life, fictitious archaeology that twists history, six-winged butterflies and a host of other curious attractions.

    Visitors to the Curiovan are tempted to open countless sets of drawers that hide further treasures and to peer through peepholes into magical dioramas and through magnifying glasses at incredible miniatures.

  • Georgia Byng

    A masterclass in the art of being hypnotic with Georgia Byng

    Georgia Byng

    Molly Moon and the Art of Being Hypnotic (From the forthcoming film)

  • Samantha McKechnie

    The original brainchild behind The Magpie & The Wardrobe

    Samantha McKechnie

    The original brainchild behind The Magpie & The Wardrobe, selling hand-crafted jewellery and fashion fripperies which launched over a decade ago.
    With a history of expertise in antique buying and dealing, and with two teenager girls in tow Sam has travelled extensively and bought from most of France’s most famous and oldest Brocantes.

  • A Curious Festival

    A Curious Festival are doing a Take Over of the Make It Market!

    A Curious Festival

    On Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th A Curious Festival are taking over the Make It market with a feast of workshops, masterclasses and happenings!

    Come and learn some folklore, cast a magic spell, plant a seed or have your fortune told with the brilliant and eclectic The Magpie and The Wardrobe.

    On Saturday afternoon, Cheekydinners present Dead Ghost Star. Prepare for a zany trip through space, and meet a moon-smoothing technician and a talking dead star along the way.

    On the Sunday afternoon, Pestival Queen Bridget Nicholls will bring her unique vision and insight into the mysterious lives of insects and animals that live all around us.

    On Saturday Piers Torday, winner of The Guardian Fiction Prize, will come and give a talk about The Last Wild. Sian Pattenden, author of The Peppers and the International Magic Star and The Peppers and the Island of Invention will be talking about The Peppers, and there will also be the chance to learn some magic tricks.

    On Sunday, brilliant Waterstone’s Author of the Year Katie Davies will be giving a talk on The Great Hamster Massacre and other adventures.

    There will be a chance to buy books from the pop-up bookshop on site and get them signed and mince pies and clementines will be served throughout the weekend.

  • Oliver Wallace

    Oliver Wallace, Wolfman and Victorian Barker: the teller of tales and the weaver of imaginings

    Oliver Wallace

    Wolf Rayet nebula1
  • Wini-Tapp

    Wini-Tapp makes exquisite puppets


    Playing with these puppets takes you through time and space and all 15 dimensions as we remember the simple pleasure of storytelling. Exquisite puppets to charm any curious imagination


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